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How many dogs can we bring to the wedding?
As many as you have but we will need extra staff, so there may be an extra charge. We usually have one member of staff to 2 dogs, depending on the size of the dogs and their training level. This would be discussed at the first appointment.
Do you have a minimum age for a dog to attend our wedding?
We do not work with dogs that have not been fully vaccinated and have clearance from the vet. Young dogs tend to be more nervous around people so we would have to discuss your individual dog needs. 
Are you first aid trained?
All our staff are first aid trained and carry a dog suitable first aid kit. In the unlikely event that a dog needs a vets visit, we endeavour to use your own. We are registered with Norwood Vets, Beverley for any emergency treatment. 
Should we inform our guests and the photographers that a dog will be attending on our day?
We would always advise this in case any of your guests are nervous of dogs. We also suggest that you speak with your photographer to try and do all the photos involving your dog as soon as possible. This saves any unnecessary stress on your dog.
Can we take our dogs into a church service?
This depends upon the vicar/priest of each individual church. If the dog can’t actually go into the church, they may be allowed into the grounds so you can still have them included in your photographs. 
Will our photos be used on social media?
We always ask if we can use your photos on social media. If you provide us with professional photos we will always credit the photographer. 
What if our dogs don't like your members of staff?
We haven’t met a dog yet that we couldn’t work with! However, we always take our time to meet with you and your dogs prior to any booking being confirmed. In the unlikely event that your dog doesn’t like a particular staff member, we would first try an alternative member of staff. If we continue to find that the dog is not suitable we would recommend some training with our specialist trainers. After that, we would reassess the situation. 
Are there any dog breeds you won't work with?
We work with most dog breeds except those that are listed as a dangerous breed. We always meet the dogs before any booking can be confirmed to ensure both parties are happy with the arrangements.
Are you insured?
Yes we are with full public health liability insurance.
My dog is nervous around strangers, will this stop you from bringing him/her?
We assess each dog individually. If you’re dog needs training we work with local experts prior to your wedding date, and would suggest a session with our specialist dog trainer.
Can we dress our dogs up?
If you would like a particular collar, lead etc, we would always ask you to try it on your dog prior to the wedding. If you are wanting flowers attached to the collar, we suggest using fake flowers as real flowers may smell too strong for your dog. Please discuss your choice with your staff member at your first meeting.
If the wedding gets cancelled/postponed what will happen to our booking?
We ask for a 50% deposit to confirm your booking and full payment by no later than one week before the wedding. The deposit is non returnable as it books the staff for the day. However, please discuss the situation with us and we will treat each wedding on an individual basis but we cannot guarantee return of your deposit or the availability of staff for an alternative date. 
What happens if there is bad weather on our wedding day?
Unfortunately we cannot control the weather but we will do our utmost to keep your dogs dry and clean. We cannot guarantee that the dogs may not leave a paw print but we will take steps to minimise the risk. 
Would you be able to bring other pets to the wedding?
We have been asked to bring other pets to the wedding and we would always be willing to discuss your specific requirements but cannot guarantee that other pets may be suitable to attend your wedding.
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